Are you going to college? If yes, then have you ever thought of what you want to take up? If No, then you may consider of being a solicitor or a lawyer.

A lawyer is somebody who practices law. There are different kinds of lawyers like a solicitor, barrister, a judge, an attorney or a counsel. When you hire them, they will do legal services for you. The only difference between how they are called are the pieces of work that each one does.

A solicitor is a lawyer who provides legal services directly to his client both public and private. They have a meeting with their clients and gives them advices on the steps they have to make regarding their problems.

There are different kinds of solicitors and each kind of solicitor has his own responsibility. These are the most common types of solicitors.

  1. Employment Solicitor

Employment solicitors help both the employers and employees. It is important that the employer knows his rights and obligations towards himself and his employees. Employment solicitors can help companies with their legal matters like having agreements with their employees. They also help them make the by laws, provisions of the contract and many more.

  1. Education Solicitor

An education solicitor helps schools and their benefactors about laws that govern education. There are possibilities that you or your child is not given the equal rights that he or she deserves. Or if you are an educator that needs help with regards to pay and claims. Schools need solicitors in case they need to have an appearance on courts. Solicitors will send tribunals for proper representation.

Other education solicitors focus on children whom their special needs have been neglected. We call these solicitors as sen solicitors. They focus on laws governing persons with disabilities are getting fair treatment that is necessary for them.

  1. Divorce Solicitor

    Divorce solicitors are highly knowledgeable with family law. They give advices to people who want to nullify their marriage. They also give advices on what benefits each party get does and what steps must be taken with regards to the children’s concerns.

Other types include Legal Aid Solicitor, Will Solicitor, and Immigration. You can choose on what do you want to focus into.

So if you have decided to take up Law, then it will be smart to check on these tips.

  1. Check on the availability of jobs. It is very easy to say that you want to work but when you come to think of it, you are not the only looking for a job in this competitive world. Make sure that there are a lot of companies hiring solicitors.
  2. Tuition fee. Law school is not just an ordinary school. So it means that it is indeed expensive to go to Law school. So check your budget. How much are you willing to pay and will you be getting the same quality as the others.
  1. Compare schools. You want your Law school experience to be the best so do not waste money in entering the wrong one. Choose the best one for you. Best not only means the name but also the professors they have and the quality of education they possess.

When you choose to be in this career, you have to be dedicated towards your work. You also need to be extra knowledgeable with the different laws and rights of every human being.